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Born and raised in the charming Magnolia state, Elise Milliman has always had a sweet spot in her heart for the medically fragile pediatric community. In order to pursue this dream of being close to this precious people group, she began her nursing career, graduating with honors at the top of her class. “Everything I do, I want to do with excellence. Even in nursing school, I pushed myself to the limits to gain as much knowledge and understanding as I possibly could so that I could offer only the best care to every patient at the end of my stethoscope.” Elise says her “Only the best” mentality in nursing school carried her into starting Knit Together Healthcare. “My agency will only and always offer the best care to patients and families”


Well hi there! I am so glad you dropped in to our little world of pediatric in-home nursing care. When I sit back and think of these sweet and awesome children (AND parents!) that have entrusted me and my nurses with the care of their child, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. From day one, I knew I wanted to have an agency that was not only professional but personal. This is why each family member is given my personal cell number to call at any time. I pray often that my agency will have the reputation of being relational. After all, we are going to be in your home! As you consider using Knit Together Healthcare for your child’s complex needs, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I would love to hear your and your child’s story. I’m all ears.


Psalms 139:13 says that God formed our inmost beings, and He knit each one of us together in our mother’s womb. Here at Knit Together Healthcare, we believe that no child is a mistake or mishap. We believe each and every child was carefully crafted by the wonderful Craftsman and that your precious baby is fearfully and wonderfully made. This is why we chose the name for our agency. No matter the diagnosis, congenital defect, mutation or disorder, we are honored to care for your child because we understand that they are not only a patient but a beautiful design from the Master Designer that was so intricately formed in their mother’s womb.

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